We love domains, and the limitless possibilities, opportunities and imagination that great names inspire.

The dream for Mother.Domains was born in 2014, and since then we've built up an impressive network of customers, domains and experience to better understand what you want and need from your digital ventures.

Our mission to inspire

To empower individuals, creatives and businesses through the imagination of domain names, and sharing the tools, knowledge and resources to ensure the success of any digital venture.

The Company

Mother.Domains was conceived in November 2014 in Melbourne after discovering the world of possibilities offered through the release of hundreds of new gTLDs - generic top level domain extensions.

Following over twenty years of active experience on the Internet, we've witnessed every dot com boom (and some busts), we registered our first domains in 1998, and have run an international web design and development agency from 2000. Once we caught wind of the new gTLD offerings, we knew we were on to the next dot com boom - literally.

We've been busy building our incredible team and client base, and we hope you give us the opportunity to show you what we can do.

Why Mother.Domains?

We have a unique approach to ideas, to digital business, and to life - where lifestyle, simplicity and community are imperative. Here are a few of the reasons that we hope begin to share our Mother.Domains vibe.

We have thoughtful, switched on humans building new features, responding to your enquiries, with personalised support and a growing community backing.
Our 20+ year Internet experience has helped us sculpt the ultimate experience for you, through brainstorming, building and broadcasting your ideas to the world.
We strategically price our domains to be amongst the lowest - if not THE lowest - available anywhere online. Our low overheads keep our costs down on all digital products and services.
Security and privacy are paramount to us. We enable two-factor authentication, maintain SSL on every page and admin area, backup daily, and privacy is turned on by default.
We love the planet and respect all of its inhabitants. Between sourcing green-first suppliers and planting trees across Australia to offset our carbon footprint, we continuously evolve our green vision.
Every decision we make ensures our committment to positively impacting human society. We offer grants and contribute to the arts, and will help anybody who asks.

Social commitments around the world

We are greatly excited and humbled by the opportunity to educate, inspire, support and aid people and places of all types. We spend a lot of time dreaming of ways we can help the world in many different ways.

Our current global initiatives are focused around education. We are in the midst of setting up web design, development and digital marketing programmes in South African townships, helping build and promote an eco-tourism and educational camp beside Lake Malawi, and exploring the means to better empower women in India through creative design and improving communication. We're currently pondering the best approach to how we can help with some of Australia's pressing social issues, including raising Indigenous living standards, and emphasising the value of Respect to the wider Australian population.

Keep checking back on us, because we are going to turn some heads.



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